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North Pacific right whales are the rarest…

but not the cheapest whale in the world.   

In 2018 we are raising $120,000 to complete the film and launch our save the right whales campaign.  The money will go to:

  • Acoustic and Film Expedition to the Albatross bank critical habitat area with NOAA researchers

  • Conduct interviews that explore the connection between NW Coast indigenous whaling and North Pacific right whales

  • Edit  thirty minute film

  • Launch save the Right Whale campaign

Cash and Check donations can be mailed to:

Deep Green Wilderness  ~~~ 2400 NW 80th St. PMB #127 ~~~ Seattle, WA 98117

Please make checks out to:

The Ocean Foundation and write Friends of Deep Green Wilderness in the memo.

Photo: Brian Gisborne, DFO Contractor,
taken under permit #MML2013-11/SARA-276(5).
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