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North Pacific right whales are likely to go extinct without immediate and meaningful action. This would be the largest animal ever driven to extinction by humans. This would be a tragedy. 

North Pacific right whale’s struggles are happening in US waters and along our coast yet most people do not know North Pacific right whales exist. We did not either until one decided to swim onto Washington State’s doorstep at a place called Swiftsure Bank. Following that 100-ton thread we have since fallen deeply in love with North Pacific right whales. In our attempt to find one we came to learn about the pressing needs of these whales, their importance to the ecosystem of the North Pacific and how they are the most critically endangered whale on the planet. Their biggest conservation need is people knowing they exist. Our film will change that. 

Creation of this film started with recognition of a few facts.     We will forever be in love with whales        
The world’s most endangered whale swam nearly to our home   What these whales need  is a good story told about them          Nothing is more fun than voyaging with your friends 

Explore photos from our filming voyages

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