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 Somewhere in the North Pacific....swims the rarest of whales

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 Meet your new favorite whale

Less than 200 years ago, North Pacific right whales thrived in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Beginning in 1835 and continuing into the 1970’s these charismatic animals were intensely targeted by commercial whaling. Today, thirty North Pacific right whales remain off the coast of North America.

We have fallen in love with North Pacific right whales, the world’s rarest whale after learning about a sighting near our Seattle home. Being sailors, we put to sea to find one. 

Right Over the Edge voyages with us out of the Salish Sea, through the North Pacific and onward into the Bering Sea and way out of everyone’s comfort zone. The more we  learn about the North Pacific right whale’s tragic history and present threats, the harder we search. Believing that finding one will bring the world’s attention to a species of whale likely to go extinct if urgent action isn’t taken to save them

The search for the North Pacific right whale

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